Backup: direct_imap_backup for direct inclusion of imap folder into tar.gz

Version 1.50.0


BETA New option, disabled by default: direct_imap_backup=0 but can be enabled by adding: direct_imap_backup=1 into your directadmin.conf. When enabled, this feature will store the "imap" folder directly into the tar.gz backup file, saving the need to first copy all emails to an assembly area. This should greatly speed up the backup process. Previously, the /home/user/imap/* data was stored in: backup/* but when this feature is enabled, a file: backup/ will be created, telling DA to extract: imap/* to /home/user/imap/* For security reasons, the extraction is done as user:user, and not user:mail. Then a secure recursive chown is done whereby it temporarily renames each file to a random value, checks for hardlinks, and checks for user:user ownership. If all passes, it's then lchown, and renamed back. The reason for the excessive checks is anytime a recrsive chown is done on files that can be controlled by a User, there is a risk of hardlinks being added, where DA might end up doing a chown on /etc/shadow, for example, but there can also be a race condition where the client creates the hardlink after the check in DA is done, but before the chown happens, hence we need to rename the file to prevent that, as the client won't be able to predict the filename. Currently, only /home/user/imap is done this way. The /home/user/Maildir folder is still stored in the home.tar.gz (for now)

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