Autoreply and Vacation messages to support html or utf-8 (SKINS)

Version 1.49.0


SpamBlocker 4.4.x will now support header custom headers for auto-reply messages and vacation messages. Manual update to SpamBlocker 4.4.x required to make use of this. Only added to "enhanced" skin, not to power_user or default. DA will save header info to: /etc/virtual/ and if that file exists, the exim.conf will add those headers to the message. DA checks the /etc/exim.conf version by looking at the top 5 lines, so don't remove the version from the top. We don't recommend anything else other than the version info as the top line, as CB2 only checks the top line. TODO: add "reset once file" button. ==================================== SKINS files_user.conf added: CMD_EMAIL_AUTORESPONDER_CREATE which is a duplicate of: HTM_EMAIL_AUTORESPONDER_CREATE just so we can add dynamic content. Both will point to the same file, but the HTM_ version won't support this feature, so change your URLs that point to it. Doesn't apply to the actual POST of the creation.. only to the display of the form used to enter the data. HTM_ path in files_user.conf can remain for backwards compatibility, just copy the line and change HTM_ to CMD_ (same actual .html file) CMD_API_EMAIL_AUTORESPONDER_CREATE has also been created if you want to get the info that the page receives (encoding and content-type options) Also added new file: HTM_EMAIL_REPLY_HEADERS=user/email/email_reply_headers.html used for inclusion. ---------------------------- contains the options for form headers: user/email/email_reply_headers.html ---------------------------- user/email/autoresponder.html change URL from HTM_EMAIL_AUTORESPONDER_CREATE to CMD_EMAIL_AUTORESPONDER_CREATE ---------------------------- user/email/autoresponder_create.html user/email/autoresponder_modify.html user/email/vacation_create.html user/email/vacation_modify.html ======================================== API CMD_API_EMAIL_AUTORESPONDER Creating an autoresponder with the extended information. eg: method: POST action = create domain = user = fred subject = Autoreply reply_encoding = UTF-8 reply_content_type = text/plain reply_once_time = 2d text = I'll get back to you! cc = ON email = create = Create

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