CMD_API_ADDITIONAL_DOMAINS to include php selector information

Version 1.48.0


Relating to: The command: CMD_API_ADDITIONAL_DOMAINS?action=view& will now have extra info: has_php_selector=yes|no if yes, then additional info will be added: php1_ver=5.5 php2_ver=5.4 php1_info=PHP 5.5 fastcgi php2_info=PHP 5.4 fastcgi where the version and "fastcgi" info will change in a similar fashion to the select box text in the GUI. These php1/2 values are the currently active values. The other related values are: php1_select=1 php2_select=2 but these "select" values will not always line up with the phpX_ver/info above, if they're flipped. The "select" values are the domain.conf conversion instructions from the CB options.conf to the displayed value. The ver/info values are the final/post converted values, so are truly what will be used. NOTE: - if the User has not saved anything yet, the phpX_select values won't be present. - if "has_php_selector=no", then the php version information won't be available, but a disk "/usr/local/bin/php -v" can be relied on for the version. Example: The above example is in the unchanged state where php1/2 matches the CB options.conf. If the user were to set: php1_select=2 this would make: php1_ver=5.4 php1_info=PHP 5.4 fastcgi ===================== SET VALUES with API To change domain settings, including the php vesrion, use the call: CMD_API_DOMAIN method: POST action=php_selector php1_select=1|2 php2_select=0|1|2 where the numbers represent: 0: off 1: the php version from php1 2: the php version php2

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