User ability to skip paths from their tar.gz backup files

Version 1.48.0


New optional file: /home/username/.backup_exclude_paths where User can add paths to this file that they wish to have skipped from their backup. The format of the file must be relative to /home/user and should not include a "/home/user" prefix. New default internal directadmin.conf setting: allow_backup_exclude_path=1 can be disabled by setting it to 0 and restarting DA. A sample line in the .backup_exclude_paths would look like: domains/ so that the path: /home/username/domains/ is skipped from the backup. This will add: --exclude-from=/home/username/.backup_exclude_paths just after the -C /home/username option in the creation of BOTH the home.tar.gz and the user's backup tar.gz. So using the feature will truly exclude the path, regardless of if it's in /home/user/domains, or /home/user/*. As you may have noticed, the option uses tar's exclude-file option. This supports patterns, eg: *.gz so you have skip those types of files, regardless of what path they're under. -------------- FreeBSD: Reported that a directory name isn't sufficient, and would need to explicitly define the /path/to/files/*.gz instead of just /path/to/files

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