Ability to specify the skin for demo accounts

Version 1.19.4


The default behaviour for demo accounts it to use the default skin. This feature will allow admins to specify which skin the demo account will use. Setting of the skin will be done in the Admin Settings screen. Although you can set the path to anywhere on the server, it is advised you use the local path from /usr/local/directadmin. IE: say the skin is in /home/name/skins/skinname, you would then use: ../../../home/name/skins/skinname. But it's more recommended that you put the demo skin in the regular system skins directory (/usr/local/directadmin/data/skins/sknname) It won't be overwritten if it isn't called default or power_user. SKINS: admin/admin_settings.html <input type=text name=demodocsroot value="|DEMODOCSROOT|" size=32>

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