nginx proxy to disable proxy_buffering by default (TEMPLATES)

Version 1.46.0


Nginx proxy to include proxy_buffering option. Internal default for the directadmin.conf: nginx_proxy_buffering=0 where 0 means the Apache server sends through Nginx, byte by byte, making the connection faster. However, if you have many slow clients, setting: nginx_proxy_buffering=1 will mean that Apache sends all data to Nginx, which stores it in a buffer, which can then disconnect from Apache to let it do other things. The catch with 1 is that Nginx doesn't start to send all of the data until Apache has finished sending it to Nginx... meaning the first byte is not sent until Nginx receives the last byte from Apache. In testing on a LAN with a phpinfo(); php file, average client completion time was 120ms with buffering, and and 90ms without buffering, so we've opted to disable the option by default. Documentation: ---------------------- TEMPLATES: nginx_server.conf nginx_server_sub.conf nginx_server_secure.conf nginx_server_secure_sub.conf added this line within the |*if HAVE_NGINX_PROXY="1"| section: proxy_buffering |PROXY_BUFFERING|; where |PROXY_BUFFERING| will be filled with on or off, depending on the directadmin.conf setting.

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