Per-User php-fpmXX.conf customization (SKINS)

Version 1.46.0


Ability for an Admin to edit the per-User php-fpmXX.conf files. You can access the custom editing page via: Admin Level -> Custom Httpd Config -> username (php-fpm 5.5) where you'd like the php-fpm 5.5 link, to the right of the username. (5.5 will show whichever version of php is installed) Note that it's a per-User config option, and not related to any specific domain. If you have 2 php-fpm instances, 2 links will show up to the right of the username. The templates currently have two tokens: |CUSTOM1| |CUSTOM2| where 1 is at the top, 2 is at the bottom. The editor will let you insert your own code on a per-domain basis... Use CUSTOM1 to define tokens to be used in the template. Use CUSTOM2 to add code to the bottom of the template. possibly on a per-PHP-version basis, depending on what the interest is. SKINS ---------------------------- new file: admin/custom_httpd_fpm.html new line added to: files_admin.conf CMD_CUSTOM_HTTPD_FPM=admin/custom_httpd_fpm.html

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