Php selector for CB2 mod_php/CLI and suphp (TEMPLATES)

Version 1.46.0


Changes to the apache templates now allow for mod_php/CLI and suPHP to be properly selected with the php selector. The 4 main virtual_host2* templates consist of the addition of extra code (below) within the <Directory> section. Note that the HAVE* tokens for CLI/SUPHP will not be filled if no swapping has taken place. So this only applies to when the php selector is being used, and php modes are being changed. |*if HAVE_PHP1_CLI="1"| <FilesMatch "\.php$"> AddHandler application/x-httpd-php .php </FilesMatch> |*endif| |*if HAVE_PHP2_CLI="1"| <FilesMatch "\.php|PHP2_RELEASE|$"> AddHandler application/x-httpd-php .php|PHP2_RELEASE| </FilesMatch> |*endif| |*if HAVE_PHP1_SUPHP="1"| <FilesMatch "\.php$"> AddHandler x-httpd-php|PHP1_RELEASE| .php </FilesMatch> |*endif| |*if HAVE_PHP2_SUPHP="1"| <FilesMatch \.php|PHP2_RELEASE|$> AddHandler x-httpd-php|PHP2_RELEASE| .php|PHP2_RELEASE| </FilesMatch> |*endif|

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