XFS quotas

Version 1.46


XFS quota support in DirectAdmin. The directadmin.conf variable must be enabled: use_xfs_quota=1 and DA restarted. Ensure you have xfs quotas, with uquota,pquota enabled in your /etc/ftab: http://help.directadmin.com/item.php?id=557 Note that it's pquota, not gquota/groupquota. pquota allows us to setup project quotas. ---------------------------- Domains quotas with XFS: enabled by default (when use_xfs_quota=1) with: xfs_on_domains=1 So you only need to change xfs_on_domains if you don't want quotas to be enabled on the domains. When domain xfs quotas are enabled, this will create a project called: domain.com with the path /home/user/domains/domain.com and the xfs system will limit the files uploaded to that location *for any file ownership, including apache/root* as per the limit specified by the User on that domain at: User Level -> Domain Setup -> domain.com This is useful for cases where: - the User has many domains, and does not want any one domain to use up too much space. - there are files uploaded under some different username, as the xfs domain quotas are enforced by path, not file ownership.

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