breadcrumb when showing a User to point back to correct list (SKINS)

Version 1.45.1


Both: CMD_ALL_USER_SHOW CMD_USER_SHOW list Users, and when you click them, you'll be viewing the User page, eg: CMD_SHOW_USER?user=crumb The fix is to check the referer on the CMD_SHOW_USER page. If there is a referer, and CMD_ALL_USER_SHOW exists in the referer, then the breadcrumb will point back to CMD_ALL_USER_SHOW SKINS: reseller/show_user.html change the TREE: <a class=tree href="/CMD_USER_SHOW">Show Users</a> to: <a class=tree href="/`USER_REFERER`">Show Users</a> Where DA will fill the USER_REFERER token with the relevant value.

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