Minor CSS tweaks to Enhanced and power_user (SKINS)

Version 1.45.0


Made a few changes to both the Enhanced and power_user skins. You might need to clear your browser cache with an F5 or ctrl-F5. Enhanced: - the td.list and td.list2 now use a linear gradient for a more interesting look. - Removed the left and right shadow images, replaced with css linear gradient - remove the blue listtitle image, replaced with a gradient. These changes should speed up the loading of the page by a fraction of a section, as it will require 3 fewer image loads. power_user: - similar td.list and td.list2 as to enhanced - forced left menus to use nowrap, to maintain the proper look - added gradients in the header/footer bars, and listtitles - rounded td corders and shadows for a depth look

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