Ability to skip backup paths from the home.tar.gz

Version 1.45.0


You can now create one or both of the following files: Per User: /usr/local/directadmin/data/users/username/skip_backup_home_files.list Global: /usr/local/directadmin/data/admin/skip_backup_home_files.list Where the Global file is used if the Per User is used file doesn't exist. If the Per User file exists, it will be used (the files are not merged) In these files you can list files or folders below the given User's /home/username path, such that they are skipped, and not added into the home.tar.gz file in the backup. Note, that this list will remove the values from a directory listing that DA has of /home/user, so this means you cannot add sub/paths. Sample valid values: Maildir application_backups And these are invalid values that won't be skipped: some/specific/path.txt This doesn't work because it won't be in the /home/user is... only "some" would be in the list.. so you can only skip complete folders, starting from /home/username. Using "some" in the list, would be vaild, but of course, it would skip everything in that folder, not just the specific path.txt file.

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