Ability to set an IPv6 IP in the spf/txt records by default (TEMPLATES)

Version 1.45.0


New directadmin.conf option, disabled by default. If exim is sending email from your IPv6 IP instead of your server IP, then you'll want to use this option. The internal default is "null", so if you're not using the option, ensure you've not added it in the directadmin.conf at all. To use it, add the following option to your directadmin.conf: extra_spf_value= ip6:1080::8:800:200C:417A (just as an example IP) ** Note the space after the = character ** This is required, else the text you insert here will end up being appended to the server IP. DA isn't adding a space for you to allow for the use of the token in other creative manners, like netmasks, or like if-then-else statements on it or other template/tokenizer things. TEMPLATE changes: =============== dns_txt.conf and dns_spf.conf: |DOMAIN|.="v=spf1 a mx ip4:|SERVER_IP||EXTRA_SPF| ~all" where the |EXTRA_SPF| is added, right after the |SERVER_IP| field.

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