Details for a given month in User History does not show last day

Version 1.61.0


Sample URL that doesn't show the last day of the month: /CMD_BANDWIDTH_BREAKDOWN?user=admin&year=2013&month=12 Only goes up the 2nd last day of the month. The tally on the 1st of the month (just before the reset) is adding then entry for the wrong date.. in the above case, January 1st, 2013 (yes, 2013), which is doubly wrong. Bug was caused by the final tally using the 1st day of the month in the bandwidth.tally.cache file, eg: 2020 01 30=... 2020 02 01=... and the backup to the history directory filtered out the "02" month as it was for the "01" log. Changed the read of the bandwidth.tally to always subtract 6 hours from the last "time" read, since all tallies should be done by then. That would put the day to the previous date, giving us the correct final line for the bandwidth.tally.cache.. so the history is correctly stored. Unfortunately, the old missing data cannot be recovered. These binaries would need to be in place for the final tally of the month (at 12:10 am the first day of the next month, to compute the final day) ---- T24720

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