backup monitor may cause dataskq segfault

Version 1.44.2


It was reported and confirmed that on a CloudLinux server, the backup tracker will cause a segfault due to the way the tracker file is filled (va_list issue). If there are more reports of this issue, we may put for a quick 1.44.2.. but there has only been 1 report so far. NOTE: it only happens if this is set (which is not the default) track_task_queue_processes=2 The internal default is 1, so an obvious workaround is to lower the value to 1 and restart directadmin. One symptom of the issue is that the Admin Backup/Transfer page will show each backup with a -100% completion status (it didn't start yet). So if you see that, try the pre-release binaries and let us know if that fixes it (the more reports we get, the better information we'll have to decide if this requires a new version push or not) To get rid of the broken -100 PID data paths, delete those PID number folders from this directory: /usr/local/directadmin/data/admin/task_queue_processes

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