Ability to specify https for webapps scripts (SKINS)

Version 1.44.0


Some older browsers ignored the difference between port 2222 and 443, which caused issues where the browser would assume the same cert/key were used, when they were not (a reload would be required), so in the past, we got around this browser issue by forcing the webapps scripts (squirrelmail, phpmyadmin, roundcube) to use only http://, hardcoded in the skins. This change will add a new directadmin.conf variable (internal default) webapps_ssl=0 where you can set it to 1 in the directadmin.conf, restart DA, and it will put https:// in front of those webapps links. If it's found that this option can be set to 1 all the time, and 99% of browsers are not affected by the issue anymore, then we'll set this to 1 by default in a future release. SKINS: replace: http with: |WEBAPPS_SSL| for any location that has http:// pointing to a local webapps script. This does not apply to the help button, (help.directadmin.com), so leave that one alone. Links to phpMyAdmin are already set to use |HTTP| which is controlled by SSL=1|0 in the directadmin.conf, so we will leave that alone.

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