User creation, IP no longer needed to be known

Version 1.44


This is mainly for the call: CMD_API_ACCOUNT_USER but will work fine however passed to DA.. When creating a User, previously the ip= value needed to be known. This change allows an alternate set of values to be used: ip=shared ip=server ip=assign where you can specify any of those 3 values if you don't feel like doing an API call to get the list of IPs before creating the account. If any of those 3 values are used for the ip variable (shared, sever or assign), DA will go hunting for an IP to use that matches that status (ip=assign will actually look for an IP of status=free) This will save the need to do a pre-lookup for the IPs before creating a User. If an IP of the desired type does not exist, DA will fallback to a shared IP, if it exists in the ip.list. If not, it will fallback to the server IP, if it exists in the ip.list. If the ip.list is competely empty, you'll get a creation error.

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