exim.pl version 14

Version 1.44


VERSION=14 is now available. Fixed a minor bug with conditions, eg: - limit is 200 - the count is at 200 - retries don't increase the count, but do send warnings when exim processed a batch of emails to retry, it caused a large number of noticed to be sent in DA: Warning: 200 emails have just been sent by usenrame all at once. The version 14 fix is to not send notifications on retries, since they're not counted. This prevents the pile of notifications. "exim.pl.14" won't be set at "exim.pl" on the files1 server for a few weeks (current date is August 8th, 2013.. so likely late August) To manually update to version 14, run the following: wget -O /etc/exim.pl http://files.directadmin.com/services/exim.pl Updating DirectAdmin itself won't update the exim.pl

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