IDN: punycode domains

Version 1.54.0


Recognize IDN domains, and add required values to handle them. New internal variable: convert_to_punycode=0 to enable it, set: convert_to_punycode=1 in your directadmin.conf and restart DA. Note, your skin must be using UTF-8, else you'll run into issues. By default the Enhanced skin does NOT use UTF-8, so use this to switch it over: The Evolution skin doesn't need this feature, as it converts to punycode before passing any domain to DA. Applies to adding Users, adding domains to existing Users, and adding domain pointers. Existing domains will not be touched. Future additions to this feature will include the ability to convert the punycode domain back to the original UTF-8 charset, for use in various areas displayed in DA. The Evolution skin does not require this feature, as it encodes domains to punycode on the fly, before passing it to DA. It also decodes the punycode after the value is sent to the skin (client-side for both cases in Evolution)

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