PHP Version Selector (SKINS)

Version 1.431


If you have CustomBuild 2.0 and are using 2 php versions/types, this feature will let the client select which of the 2 is associated with the .php extension. It also allows for the 2nd php version to be specified, to use either of the 2 php types.. but the extension will change based on the version of php selected (Eg php53 or php54, etc.) Note that the httpd.conf rewrite requires an apache restart, which can take upto 1 full minute. The php version selector does not use .htaccess files to make the changes, rather direct changes to the tokens used in the templates. SKINS: user/modify_domain.html add after the HAS_MULTIPLE_IPS section (after the |*endif|) |*if HAS_PHP_SELECTOR="yes"| <br> |PHP_SELECTOR_TABLE| |*endif|

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