Inodes (SKINS)

Version 1.44.0


Count and display the inode limits for Users. Can be set in packages. An inode is a file or folder, so setting up a limit will prevent the User from having too many files/folders in their account. Default for packages/Reseller/Users is unlimited. directadmin.conf options set as default: inode=1 user_warning_thresh_inode=95 The inodes will use the hard limit multiplier, just like the disk usage. Meaning, the value you set will be the soft limit, and the hard limit will be 1.1x that value. SKINS changes in: admin/create_customized_reseller.html admin/modify_reseller.html admin/show_reseller_package.html reseller/create_customized_user.html reseller/modify_user.html reseller/show_user_package.html For each, basically just copy your quota line, and swap "quota" with "inode", while maintaining the case and variable name formatting.

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