named.db to support template scripting

Version 1.43.0


The named.db template (used to create files) now supports username scripting. The scripts will be run as root, so you have full access to everything, but be very careful with this high access level, to ensure you don't do any damage to your system. Sample addition to the bottom of the named.db code for DNSSEC: |$/usr/local/bin/php <?php if (file_exists("/var/named/|DOMAIN|.zsk.key")) { echo "\t\$include /var/named/|DOMAIN|.zsk.key\n"; } if (file_exists("/var/named/|DOMAIN|.zsk.key")) { echo "\t\$include /var/named/|DOMAIN|.ksk.key\n"; } ?> DONE| Note that DA may not support thing you add, so if you add any values that the DA dns parser cannot read (eg: $include lines) ensure you're adding them to the bottom of the file. You should really also be only adding things here that DA cannot see... else you'll end up with duplicates each time you re-save the zone. For example, do not add A records with this feature, else you'll get another A record each time you save the zone. For A records, use the dns_a.conf. It also supports shell scripting.

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