per-service memory usage on Services Monitor (SKINS)

Version 1.42.0


A new column has been added to the Services Monitor page. This new column will show how much memory this service is using. This info is grabbed from a new script: /usr/local/directadmin/scripts/ which uses ps, awk and grep to figure out the values. ------------------------ SKINS: admin/show_services.html Since the old method had a table hard-coded, the old |SERVICES| token will remain, for backwards compatibility. New skins, or skins that that want to update (recommended) should completely remove the entire old <table>..</table>, and |SERVICES| token. Replace that remove code with: |SERVICES_TABLE| which provides a standard dynamic table (searching), along with the memory usage column. Lastly, since this table is getting somewhat wider, we've changed to use: |HTM_HEADER_FULL| |HTM_FOOTER_FULL| as the side-bar is not needed on this page. The reboot row is added to the bottom of the table using a listtitle class.

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