Ability to link an IPv6 or LAN IP to another IP (SKINS)

Version 1.43.0


Feature to give you the ability to automatically add an IP to certain areas (apache/dns), based on the selection of another IP. Admin Level -> IP Manager -> Click the IP brings you do: CMD_IP_MANAGER_DETAILS?ip= The main purpose for this feature is to seamlessly link LAN IPs to external IPs, and/or to link IPv6 IPs to IPv4 IPs. *** Link a LAN to external IP: - View the details of the external IP. - Link the internal IP to the external IP. - Only select Apache, do not select DNS Don't link the external IP to the internal IP, else the dns would end up having the internal IP added, which is not desired. *** Link IPv6 to IPv4: - View the details of the IPv4 IP. - Link the IPv6 to the IPv4. - Check both DNS and Apache. You could link IPv4 to an IPv6 if you wanted. Adding a linked IP to the current IP will add the linked IP to the areas where the current IP exists. Linking an IP with dns will duplicate the A/AAAA records for the current IP with the linked IP. Linking an IP with apache will add the linked IP into the VirtualHost with the current IP. This feature is independant of the Multi-IP system, but they can be used together. For example a User can have 2 IPs with the Multi-IP system, and each of those IPs can have linked IPs. Links are not recursive, so you don't need to worry about infinite loops. API: CMD_API_IP_MANAGER_DETAILS has also been added. See the DA debug output for information on values to be passed. SKINS: admin/ip_manager_details.html files_admin.conf CMD_IP_MANAGER_DETAILS=admin/ip_manager_details.html LF_IP_MANAGER=admin/ip_manager.html LANGUAGE: lang/en/internal/ip.txt - up to #36 lang/en/internal/comand.txt - up to #523

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