Hide domain disk usage when simple_disk_usage is enabled (API)(SKINS)

Version 1.42


When the simple_disk_usage option is enabled: http://www.directadmin.com/features.php?id=996 This will rely 100% on the system quotas for disk usage. This means that DA will not manually count data for more detailed stats. As such, showing a "quota" column for domains in CMD_USER_STATS and CMD_ADDITIONAL_DOMAINS would be confusing. When simple_disk_usage=1 is set, DA will hide the Disk Usage columns for the "Domain Setup" and "Stats/Logs" pages. It will also hide the Email Usage row, on the Stats page. This has also been changed with: CMD_SHOW_USER and CMD_API_SHOW_USER the Disk Usage column is hidden, and the Email Usage row is hidden. API: This also applies to API calls: CMD_API_ADDITIONAL_DOMAINS: disk usage will be returned as: quota=simple_disk_usage, instead of a number. For CMD_API_SHOW_USER, the number for the disk usage is returned as "simple_disk_usage". SKINS: Although no html files were changed, it's important to note the changes to the tables. Some skin designers may be parsing the tables, so the missing columns could throw off their code.

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