Added TTL to Admin Level DNS Admin (SKINS)

Version 1.42.0


Added a TTL field to the zone edit feature: Admin Level -> DNS Admin -> only works on local domains, which are owned by a User, and not a domain pointer. ------------- SKINS: admin/dns_admin_control.html add this, before the </form> entry: |*if ALLOW_TTL_OVERRIDE="yes"| <form action='/CMD_DNS_ADMIN' method='POST'> <input type=hidden name=action value=ttl> <input type=hidden name=domain value="|domain|"> <input type=hidden name=user value="|ZONE_USER|"> <tr> <td class=list2>Override TTL Value</td> <td class=list2 align=center>TTL</td> <td class=list2><input type=radio name=ttl_select value="custom" |TTL_CUSTOM_SELECTED|><input type=text name=ttl size=6 value="|TTL_VALUE|">&nbsp; <input type=radio name=ttl_select value="default" |TTL_DEFAULT_SELECTED|>Use Default</td> <td class=list2 align=center><input type=submit value="Save"></td> </tr> </form> |*endif|

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