netmask for IPv6 IPs eg: /64 (SKINS)

Version 1.42


The netmask field in the IP Manager now supports /mask values, eg: IP: <anyipv6> netmask: /64 All existing IPv6 IPs will use /64 as a default, unless otherwise stated. If you want to change existing IPs, edit their configs: /usr/local/directadmin/data/admin/ips/<value> and set the /<value> as desired. Debug mode for checking netmask validity is only exactly at level 2150. Also added a new global token: HAVE_IPV6=yes|no depending if it's enabled or not. minor changes added to the scripts/addip script to accept the netmask (ensures only /# format is used, format is ignored for IPv6) -------------------------------------- SKINS: admin/ip_manager.html |*if HAVE_IPV6="yes"| For IPv6 IPs, use a /mask, eg: /64|*endif| or for enhanced and language files: |*if HAVE_IPV6="yes"| |LANG_IPV6_MASK||*endif|

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