Version 1.60.0


API version of CMD_LOG_VIEWER ========= SHOW LIST OF LOGS CMD_API_LOG_VIEWER Show list of available logs to view. This is basically just a multi-level URL encoded copy of the ?json=yes output The result will give 2 main variables: files=<url list> lines=50 where "lines" refers to the number of lines to grep, should that option be selected. files would be a double-encoded list (decode the value, to get another list), where each index is a filename, and the value is an urlencoded list, currently containing "size=1234" for the size of that file. ========= SHOW LOG CMD_API_LOG_VIEWER?file=/path/to/log Where you'll get the same output as above, except you'll also get: LOGDATA= containing the log. ========= SHOW LOG + OPTIONS In addition to the "file" in the GET request, you can also include: lines=50 #meaning, it will be the tail -n 50 of that given log. type=raw #the raw log it output. No encoding. grep=<str> #where <str> is any match of a line you'd like to filter. invert_grep=yes #if grep has a string, it will NOT show the grep string, and will show all other lines ignore_case=yes #when passed, grep filtering matching any case ========= T22437

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