User Restore options need unique identifier (SKINS)

Version 1.41.1


With the addition of this feature: a bug for the User Level restore was introduced in that the newly added "database_data" option was indentified by select11, but "dns" was already using select11. This caused the database_data from being skipped if dns is also selected for the restore. Fix was to change "dns" to select12. This is a low priority fix, as another line was missing from this file anyway: <input type=hidden name="form_version" value="2"> which tells DA to look for the "database_data" value. Since it ends up being form_version=1, the restore automatically adds the database_data internally, if "database" is present. So a restore will not be missing any data, but instead, one will simply not be able to de-select the database_restore option.

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