MD5sum on services.tar.gz

Version 1.41.0


the will now do an md5sum (or md5 on FreeBSD) on the services.tar.gz after download. There will be an associated file.tar.gz.md5 file for each services tar.gz file on files* If the md5sum match fails, a warning it shown, and a 5 second pause is given. Instruction to delete the services.tar.gz and the md5 file and run the again, will follow. DA will not automatically delete the tar.gz file, as functionality exists to allow the services.tar.gz to already be present. If it is, and no md5 file exists, then the install will not do an MD5 check. If the tar.gz exists, and the md5 file exists, the check will be done. the md5 file is downloaded first, before the tar.gz. The reason for this check is that some people abort the DA install, at the moment the services_os.tar.gz file is being downloaded. This leave the box with an incomplete tar.gz file, and because of the functionality which skips the download if the services.tar.gz exists, this causes the install to be incomplete. The addition of the feature won't change the functionality, but will throw a warning of a broken services.tar.gz, if the md5 match fails. This should be sufficient information to prevent much confusion and save time if there is a broken services.tar.gz file.

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