pureftpd not in brute_filter.list

Version 1.41


pureftpd is not in the brute_filter.list. New brute_filter.list entry: pure-ftpd1=binary=pure-ftpd&text=[WARNING] Authentication failed for user&ip_after=(?@&ip_until=)&user_after=user%20[&user_until=] Also, new directadmin.conf entry (internal default): brute_force_messages_log=/var/log/messages Where it's assumed the pure-ftpd entries are made there. If they're made elsewhere, then set the brute_force_messages_log entry in the directadmin.conf with the correct path. Sample log entry used: May 1 02:37:23 hostname pure-ftpd: (?@ [WARNING] Authentication failed for user [admin]

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