Ability to reset today's email usage count to allow more sends

Version 1.41.0


Feature to allow the reset of the current day's email sends, to allow more emails to be sent out. The file: /etc/virtual/usage/username exists if the: /etc/virtual/limit file is set to something other than 0, and email has been sent. Once the usage file becomes the size of the limit, then emails can no longer be sent out. A new button, located at: CMD_SHOW_USER?user=username will appear next to: Sent Emails if the usage file exists, and the currently logged in user is an Admin (only Admins can use this feature) The button will read: Reset Today For both Resellers and Admins, the "Current Usage" column for "Sent Emails", to the right of the number, it will show: (Today: 25) where 25 is showing the size of the usage file. When you click the "Reset Today" button, the usage file is deleted. The (Today: 25) text will then dissapear, indicating that the count is reset. Once the User starts to send emails again, this number will show up again in realtime (for each page load)

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