Version 1.39.0


CMD_API_PUBLIC_STATS based on CMD_PUBLIC_STATS for creating the /stats link for webalizer/awstats. ---------------------------- if nothing is passed, DA will return: stats=webalizer or stats=awstats If stats=awstats is present, then you must use path=awstats, as mentioned below. If you have webalizer, you can use any valid path you'd like. ---------------------------- set the path: action=public (this is just for the "back" button in the skins, so just pass any valid domain the user owns here) ( path=stats where "stats" can be changed to whatever you'd like webalizer to point to. path=awstats if awstats is enabled, then this value must be set to awstats, or the redirect/paths won't work correctly for cgi-based awstats.

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