daupdate script supports Location redirects

Version 1.381


As the number of DirectAdmin server grows, our releases of DA cause strain on our main download server when cron-updates update hundreds of servers at once. The daupdate script will now accept a 3rd option called "redirect=ok" (in addition to the uid and lid values). If the load of our main server rises beyond a certain point, any daupdate calls that support redirection (they would have passed redirect=ok) will receive an http Location redirection. Directadmin 1.38.1 and newer will pass redirect=ok by default for it's internal update mechanism. This means that this feature won't actually be used until you already have 1.38.1 an will be updating to a newer version of DA. Again, we only uses the redirection when our server detects that it's under stress, and only if the client supports it (by passing redirect=ok) Most download scripts like wget already support Location redirects, so any automated scripts you may have in place would be unaffected. custombuild updates of DirectAdmin use the task.queue, which will use the internal update mechanism, thus redirect=ok applies.

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