multi-ip issue for ftp password files *ACTION REQUIRED*

Version 1.37.0


A domain can now have multiple IPs. DA previously determined which ftp password file to use based on the User's main IP (shared or owned). Now, a domain can have both a shared and owned IP. Which ftp password file to use? *ACTION REQUIRED* The multi-IP options will be hidden unless the unified_ftp_password option is enabled. See below on how to simulate and convert your data to a unified password file. option for the directadmin.conf for the proftpd password files to be unified. This will make things about 8x simpler. A conversion tool will be provided to move all ftp.passwd files to the main proftpd.passwd file (as some username changes would be needed) All IP types, all usernames, everything will be in the /etc/proftpd.passwd with this enabled. The /etc/proftpd.vhosts.conf will no longer be needed, and will be emptied during conversion. This option has the added benefit of support for pureftpd or vsftpd with very minimal pain and suffering. The only drawback will be the loss of "username" ftp logins (except for DA usernames) All created ftp accounts for domains will require the format. A minor drawback for many gains. This also greatly simplies the entire system for multi ip for backups as well. If this option is disabled and multiple ftp password files are to be used.. then the system will no longer allow the use of multi-IPs (an override may be added, preferrably not, but with the knowledge that ftp account creation breaks) directadmin.conf variable: 1) unified_ftp_password_file=0 will be the internal default. 2) Existing installs will use this value (0). 3) New installs will have: unified_ftp_password_file=1 in their directadmin.conf (physically set) 0: old method: Allows separate ftp login files (proftpd.passwd and ftp.passwd). Owned IPs can have login format "user". ** Multi-IP setup will be disabled/hidden from the interface ** 1: new method: Forces all logins into the proftpd.passwd file. Owned IPs ftp accounts wil have the login format "" ------------------------ Simulation: This will let you know who's login format will change before you actually do the change. This will give you some advanced notice, if you need to tell your clients what will be happening. An email address is also included in the output for each User, letting you know where to deliver the changes. cd /usr/local/directadmin echo "action=convert&value=unifiedftp&simulate=yes" >> data/task.queue ./dataskq d1 ------------------------ Conversion: cd /usr/local/directadmin echo "unified_ftp_password_file=1" >> conf/directadmin.conf echo "action=convert&value=unifiedftp" >> data/task.queue ./dataskq d1

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