Extra option for mysqldump calls

Version 1.361


If you need to insert extra command line bits to the mysqldump call, you can now add this value to your directadmin.conf file: extra_mysqldump_options=--what-you-want The default is set to null internally, so you must add the above line to use it. The option is appended to the tail end of the mysqldump command, but before the name of the database. eg: extra_mysqldump_options=--skip-add-locks --skip-lock-tables extra_mysqldump_options=--routines June 12, 2014: Report of mixing MyISAM and InnoDB tables can cause confusing lock issues: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9315032/application-hangs-on-16gb-innodb-mysqldump-using-single-transaction-quick Try and stick with one table type in your database to avoid confusion.

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