Option to skip ftp uploads if backup creation fails

Version 1.361


By default, DA will upload a tar.gz file, even if some portion of the tar.gz was not created correctly. For example, if mysql was down and the sql file didn't get correctly dumped, by default, the tar.gz will still be uploaded to the backup server. This option allows the admin to not upload tar.gz backups if they don't want incomplete data. The default options is 0 To skip the ftp upload, set: skip_ftp_on_backup_fail=1 in your directadmin.conf, and restart DA. **IMPORTANT** this only works for incremental ftp uploads (which 99% of people should be using anyway, as incremental ftp uploads are enabled by default) incremental_ftp=1 ** If you are not using incremental ftp uploads (incremental_ftp=0), this setting will not have any effect. The reason is that with the group ftp upload, where the upload is done at the end, after creating all tar.gz files, DA only knows if there was an error.. but not for which User. Thus this option will not have any effect (I decided not to make it prevent all backups from being uploaded, if one tar.gz creation failed)

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