ipswap.sh didn\'t swap new multi-ip files

Version 1.361


Update ipswap.sh to swap the user_ip.list and domains/domain.com.ip_list files. The new User loop in the ipswap.sh looks like this: ULDDU=/usr/local/directadmin/data/users for i in `ls $ULDDU/users`; do { if [ ! -d $ULDDU/$i ]; then continue; fi swapfile $ULDDU/$i/user.conf swapfile $ULDDU/$i/httpd.conf if [ -e $ULDDU/$i/ip.list ]; then swapfile $ULDDU/$i/ip.list fi swapfile $ULDDU/$i/user_ip.list for j in `ls $ULDDU/$i/domains/*.conf; ls $ULDDU/$i/domains/*.ftp; ls $ULDDU/$i/domains/*.ip_list`; do { swapfile $j }; done; }; done;

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