Add php version to the Sytem Info page.

Version 1.35.0


Added the php version at the bottom of the "System Information" page in DA. Obviously, it's not a service so the "Running" or "Stopped" field will be left blank. The API will also get the php version: CMD_API_SYSTEM_INFO eg: php=%35%2E%33%2E%31 which is: php=5.3.1 The command called for the version is: /usr/local/bin/php -n -v 2> /dev/null If /usr/local/bin/php does not exist, or a non-zero value is returned, the value will not show up in the System Info page, and will not show up in the API results. Can be disabled in the directadmin.conf by adding: show_php_version=0 The default is 1.

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