Convert binaries to variables

Version 1.35.1


usermod=/usr/sbin/usermod useradd=/usr/sbin/useradd userdel=/usr/sbin/userdel groupmod=/usr/sbin/groupmod groupadd=/usr/sbin/groupadd groupdel=/usr/sbin/groupdel passwd=/usr/bin/passwd chpass=/usr/bin/chpass chpasswd=/usr/sbin/chpasswd edquota=/usr/sbin/edquota setquota=/usr/sbin/setquota repquota=/usr/sbin/repquota pw=/usr/sbin/pw add variables to directadmin.conf. Values will be internal defaults. They will not physically be present in the directadmin.conf unless you add them. Note that all of the binaries span multiple OS's. Your OS will not use all of them, so don't worry if you don't see all of these binaries on your system.

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