Ability to specify blacklist times (SKINS)

Version 1.34.0


2 new options in the directadmin.conf (internally by default, you won't see them) brute_force_time_limit=120 clear_blacklist_ip_time=0 The brute_force_time_limit is the number of seconds after the last failed login attempt until that count of failed logins is reset to 0. For example, the default of 2 minutes (120 seconds), if there is (lets assume) a brute force count limit of 10, then the User could do 9 failed logins, and after the 9th, wait 120 seconds, then try another 9, without being blacklisted. If the full 10 attempts were made without waiting 120 seconds in between any of the attempts, then they would be blacklisted. Note that the 2 minutes is not from the first failed login, but the time after the last failed login. The clear_blacklist_ip_time, default 0 zero (which means never), will remove an IP that has been blacklisted after this many minutes (not seconds) SKINS =============== admin/admin_settings.html <tr> <td class=list> Time before failed login count resets </td> <td class=list> <input type=text name=brute_force_time_limit value="|BRUTE_FORCE_TIME_LIMIT|" size=4> seconds after the last attempt </td> </tr> <tr> <td class=list> Remove an IP from the blacklist after </td> <td class=list> <input type=text name=clear_blacklist_ip_time value="|CLEAR_BLACKLIST_IP_TIME|" size=4> (minutes) </td> </tr>

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